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USA Today
Why The Day After Tomorrow is secretly amazing
Dont try to tell me the Roland Emmerich shlock-fest isnt amazing. It is.
Alexander Hamilton gets his 'Turn' on TV
Washington's right-hand man appears in season finale of AMC's Revolutionary War drama.
P-Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell dies at 72
Bernie Worrell, who revolutionized keyboard playing in popular music, died Friday from the effects of lung cancer, his wife, Judie Worrell, announced on Facebook. He was 72.
'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis attacked at her home
'Top Gun' actress Kelly McGillis took to Facebook, saying she was attacked by a stranger in her North Carolina home. She says she was left with scratches and bruises from the incident.
Dad Rock Video: New releases June 24
Go to the record store, people! Go right now and get these new records
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